OEM Collision Repair Information

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Collision Repair Information for the Professional

Who is ALLDATA? ALLDATA was the first to offer manufacturers' repair information electronically. Today, ALLDATA is the leading provider of OE repair information, used by more than 300,000 industry professionals at more than 80,000 automotive repair facilities.

What is ALLDATA Collision S3500? Vehicle manufacturers are the highest authorities for correct collision repair information, diagnostic procedures and practices. ALLDATA Collision S3500 provides accurate yet affordable OE auto collision repair information from a single source. It is a powerful business tool that offers significant benefits from the moment a vehicle enters your shop until the owner drives it away.

ALLDATA Collision S3500 includes detailed OE procedures for all this and more:

  • Sectioning and Structural Repairs
  • New Materials - high-strength steels, aluminum, new plastics, etc.
  • Electronic systems reset procedures
  • Complex Technologies - Hybrids, advanced lighting, supplemental restraint systems (SRS), and more
  • Panel removal and replacement
  • Mechanical Repair Information: Reduce sublet and control the repair schedule

Features to help you boost your productivity:

  • Advanced, Easy Search - Type any keyword and all relevant information displays. Instantly filter searches by information type.
  • Article Pinning - Technicians can open multiple windows and keep procedures and diagrams available while working on the vehicle.
  • YMME Lookup - Quickly select the vehicle you need by Year, Make, Model and Engine.

Plus you get:

  • Factory technical service bulletins (TSBs) updated daily, plus OE position statements
  • Mechanical repair procedures on more than 22,000 engine-specific vehicles
  • Live library research support and live product training

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Library Researcher Library Research Service
Can't find what you're looking for? Our library support staff can quickly access thousands of manuals as well as manufacturers' websites. You will receive the requested information by email. Library Support is available six days a week, and is included in your ALLDATA Collision subscription.

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